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Contoh Makalah Penjualan Barang

S E L L I N G   P R O D U C T

I extend gratitude for the presence of Almighty God, for the mercy and grace of God, I was given the opportunity to complete this paper. Do not forget, I thank the lecturers and friends who have given their support in completing this paper.
The authors realize that in writing this paper are still many shortcomings, therefore the authors angat expect criticism and suggestions. And the honor of the completion of this paper may be useful for readers and friends.

The paper, entitled Marketing and Sales I have created, aiming to broaden the readers. In order to understand the future of Marketing and Sales. And to complete the task that has been given by the supervisor Basic Marketing course.

A. Sale
1. Understanding Sales
Sales is an integrated effort to develop
strategic plans aimed at satisfying the needs of the business
and pemebeli desire, in order to get the sales that generate
earnings (Marwan, 1991). Sales are the life source of an enterprise,
because it can be obtained from the sale of a business profit and alluring
consumers who sought to know their appeal so
to know the results dihasikan products. According Winardi (1982),
the sale is a transfer of rights over these objects. Of explanation
in moving or transferring the goods and services needed
the people who work in sales as pelaksnaan trade,
agents, representatives and representatives of service marketing.

B. Marketing
1. Definition of Marketing
Marketing is one of the activities in the economy are helping to create economic value. Themselves determine the economic value of goods and services. An important factor in creating value is the production, marketing and consumption. Marketing the link between production and consumption.
Many experts who have given the definition of marketing. The definition given is often different from one expert to another expert. The difference is due to differences in the view of experts and reviewing marketing. In this marketing activity, the activity is a central exchange. The exchange is a marketing activity whereby someone tried to offer some goods or services with a value of every related kinds of social groups to meet their needs. Marketing as a human activity directed at satisfying the wants and needs through the exchange process. Definition yangpaling accordance with these objectives are:
Marketing is a social and managerial process in which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want by creating, offering, and exchanging prosuk valuable to others (Kotler, 1997).
The definition of marketing rests on the core concepts that include requirements (needs), desires (wants), and requests (demands).
Man must discover his needs first, before he filled. Efforts to meet these needs can be done by holding a relationship. Thus bia marketing also means an attempt to satisfy the needs of buyers and sellers (Private, 1996).

A. The difference in sales with marketing
Many people and some business executives are not yet understand the difference between penjuaaln and pemasran. Many people think that these two terms are the same. While each has a different concept.

Under the concept of sales, a company makes a product and then utilize various methods of selling to persuade consumers to buy its products. This means that the company's direct to consumer demand to match supply denngan proposed. Instead under the company's marketing concept explores what consumers want and then try to develop products that will satisfy the desires of consumers and profit. Here companies adjust their supply to meet consumer demand.

Managing Marketing System
A company must plan, implements and assesses marketing system. That is, orgnisasi must manage
(To manage) its marketing efforts effectively. An effective marketing program is important for the well-being of a company, who is responsible? No other company is ppihak management. The success of a company depends entirely on the quality of its management.

Here is a table the difference between Marketing and Sales
Sales Marketing
1. pressures on the product
2. first companies to make their products and then how to sell them.
3. oriented management to sales volume.
4. oriented planning 1. pressure on consumer desires
2. company first to determine what consumers want and then they make and how they deliver their products to fulfill that desire.
3. profit-oriented management.
4. planning oriented to long-term results, based on new products, markets tomorrow, and growth will come.
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Similarly,a paper on marketing and sales that I made, may be useful     for us.

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